Homeschool Update

It’s been a while since I have posted on here.  I thought I’d give an update of our homeschool right now.

We’re almost finished with this year of Classical Conversations.  It’s the second year of Foundations for my two oldest children, the second year of Essentials for my oldest.

My oldest daughter wants to try for Memory Masters.  She isn’t testing as well as she should at this point in the process, but she still has a few weeks to prepare and she has a knack for memorizing, so she may yet accomplish it.  I do not do a consistent enough job reviewing the memory work with my kids at home. If I did, she would be in a much better position to test for Memory Masters at this point.  Reviewing memory work is something I’d like to improve on as we continue with Classical Conversations in the future.


My oldest daughter has also finished up some of her textbooks. This is a North American bird book she put together when she finished Abeka’s Understanding God’s World 4.IMG_0525 IMG_0526

She also finished Math U See’s Delta and has already moved into Epsilon.  We will eventually make the switch over the Saxon Math as their 8/7 book is what she will use in Classical Conversations Challenge Level A.  But we have at least one full year before that is necessary, so I want to continue with Math U See through their book Zeta, at least.


Our analytical task sheets are growing more challenging as the year’s end approaches, especially now that we are doing Quid Et Quo with each sentence.  My daughter recently broke both her arms playing with an active group of pre-teens at the YMCA, so she changed one of the sentences that was about a boy breaking a leg to make it more personal.  IMG_0524

We are working on her final paper for this year now. She’s writing about Sacagawea and she has to be in costume when she reads it for her class on the final day, so we already purchased that.  (I love Amazon Prime.)  IMG_0458

My middle daughter is six and she is learning to read.  She’s a different kid than my first and I’m a different mom now, so it’s taking longer and I am not as stressed about that.  We’re on our second tour of the short vowel pages in Abeka’s Handbook for Reading.  We read a page everyday.  We also use Bob’s Books here and there.

She’s also working through Math U See’s Primer, Writing With Ease 1, Zanier Bloser Handwriting 1, and First Language Lessons 1.  IMG_0537

I’ve been tutoring for the second half of this year at Classical Conversations. Not much is different because I tutor, but some weeks my kids presentations suffer because I don’t have as much time as I used to to help them prepare the day before.  I find it helps to look at the presentation schedule weeks in advance and work ahead.  This coming week, both my daughters are reciting something from memory.  My oldest is doing the Gettysburg Address and my middle child is reciting Dapple Grey, one of favorite Mother Goose Rhymes that she also happens to like.




The reality of homeschooling three kids in addition to all that I am already responsible for begins to sink in. Needless to say, homeschooling was much easier when I had younger and fewer kids. I am sometimes overwhelmed to be honest. But then I think it through and for many old reasons and some new ones, I commit myself anew to this good, worthwhile work.

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