Learning The Grammar For Myself- Cycle 3 Week 13


Like I said in the previous post, I will start tutoring when we return to Classical Conversations after winter break.  Tutoring is already forcing me to take learning the grammar much more seriously.  As a mom, I just didn’t have to really know the grammar. But, as a tutor, I feel I’ve got to know it, because the kids will be looking to me to help them when they get stuck.

I have been brainstorming and solidifying my plans for Week 13 Cycle 3.  I went a little “A Beautiful Mind” on the grammar for week 13.  I’m a visual learner.  These print outs aren’t for my class. They’re just for me. I enjoy looking up at this board so much more than the lists of facts. The pictures are serving to trigger my memory and I find that I can just sit and admire this board and review the memory work for week 13 in my mind.  But I keep my Foundations guide nearby, so I can review the material word for word whenever I get hung up.

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