A Word About Presentations


This week my kids are supposed to come up with a persuasive speech for Classical Conversations.

I asked them what they thought they would like to try and persuade people to do and the best idea they came up with was “watch Star Wars.”


I decided to just go ahead and pick the topic myself.

I picked “Why You Should Exercise.”  I teach exercise classes part-time, so it is something I am passionate about and I thought my kids ought to know why I bother.

We discussed what we already know about exercise and then together, around the computer, we did a little research on Google and we came up with a list of ten reasons why people should exercise. This turned our presentation preparation into an impromptu science lesson of sorts.

Next, I found one image on Google images to use for each reason.  Depending on the images, I let the kids come over and help me choose.

Note: I use a lot of Google images for presentations, especially for my five year old, since pictures help her remember the points of her presentation because she isn’t reading well enough to use notes.

You can see my daughter above holding up the image for “Exercise helps reduce excess body fat.”

This week, I am also letting my ten year old use pictures for the sake of ease and humor. She thinks her friends are going to laugh hysterically at the image of a toothless old man running in a track suit that we are using for “Exercise helps you live a longer life.”

I will often help my kids create these little books using sheet protectors and ring binders. These little books can be slippery, but with some practice, my kids have gotten used to holding them up for their class to see and turning the pages without too much trouble. It has been a way to create visuals for presentations with little trouble.



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