What I Use To Teach My Two Year Old

My two year old loves horses. She calls them “Yee haws.”

For Avril, my two year old, I’m using:

Several over sized, colorful books with labels on the pictures to help build my daughter’s vocabulary. We read those again and again. She also loves stickers, so books like First 1000 Words in English sticker book will be a big hit.

To recognize A,B,Cs- We are using her ABC puzzle and favorite Usborne Alphabet Book.

To recognize 1,2,3s- We are using this toy. It’s so fun to pull the Indians out, line them up, count and sing, “One little, two little, three little Indians…”

If Avril starts talking a lot, can hold up her fingers to show how many and can identify which letter is which by the end of this school year (and by the time the new baby comes), I will be content.

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