Taking a Break and Organizing Bookshelves

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We don’t have Classical Conversations this week, so we are taking a break from our regular homeschooling schedule. We aren’t taking a complete break, but we are taking it easy.

Today we spent several hours organizing all the bookshelves in the house. We have so many books and bookshelves all over the house, upstairs and down, this is no small task.  The bookshelves in the photo are only some of the bookshelves we have.

The girls helped me gather and then redeposit books all over the house.  Even the baby helped. The youngest ones made games of it.  “Make way! Make way! Books coming through!”

We put red labels on all the history, geography, and social studies books.

We put green labels on all the science and nature books.

We put blue labels on all the poetry, mythology, art, and music books.

The colored labels help the kids know where to put the books back without having to think too hard about what category the books go in. Even my non-readers can help put the books back as long as the books have colored labels.

We took some time to gather collections together: picture books, Magic Tree House, American Girl, easy readers, mysteries, juvenile novels, preschool and baby books, etc.

I have found that once books have an official place that I decide upon, it is much easier to keep all the books well sorted and train and remind the kids where to put them back.  And that, of course, keeps the house cleaner, and makes the books easier to find when you want or need them.

Of course, the shelves won’t stay perfect, because we use these books all the time. But most of our books are still only ever touched by me or my oldest, so most of them will stay in relatively good order. And we do chores everyday, always taking time to put random books back at that point.

As we worked, the girls kept rediscovering books they had forgotten about. That’s another benefit to reorganizing your bookshelves. Now the house is unusually peaceful because the two oldest girls are ready to settle down after all that hard work and eager to reunite with old favorites they found.

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