Classical Conversations Weekly Presentations- I Help My Kids Prepare and Practice


Every week at Classical Conversations my kids do a presentation for their group of peers. I help them prepare these presentations at home and then we practice their presentations at least once before going to Classical Conversations.

So I help my kids, but I try not to help too much.  It’s a delicate balance, one that I am still perfecting with practice every week and adjusting as they become more and more capable.

Experience is the best teacher.

I have tried to send my kids into the next room to prepare their presentations on their own without any guidance from me…  Psh!  That created frustration and serious drama and in the end, tears.

There were other times when I helped them prepare at home, but I didn’t make them practice their presentations at least once at home.  That also ended badly with growing anxiety in class as the time for presentations approached and tears welling up in their eyes as they stood in front of their peers feeling unprepared.

So I find I have to help them prepare or at the very least, guide their preparation, and we have to practice, at least once, but after that, I relax and so do they and presentations are more of a joy and less of a stress.

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