Teaching Place Value

I am using Math-U-See’s Primer with my five year old. We are on lesson 9, place value through 100.  We have been on lesson 9 for months, actually.

She has to master place value before we move on to the next lesson.  So much depends on her understanding how the numerals 0-9 are used to represent numbers of all sizes.  She has to know that a two followed by a nine is two tens and nine units, not two units and nine units, or nine tens and two units, etc. etc.



We ran out of lessons in the book a long time ago, so to practice place value, I created this sheet of numbers 1-100 and put it in a clear sheet protector.  We use the sheet to point to the numbers and count 1-100.

I will also circle a number with a dry erase marker and she will say the number, build it with her Math-U-See blocks, and say it again.

The dry erase marker wipes right off with a paper towel, so we’ve been able to use this same sheet for months.


I used Math-U-See’s Primer with my oldest daughter when she was the same age.  She’s ten now and doing well in math.  She also got a little stuck on place value when we came to this lesson in the Primer, but we stayed on for as many months as she needed, until she really understood place value. We’ll get there.  In the meantime, I wanted to share one way we’ve found to practice without the the book.



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