Two Things Copy Max Can Do For Homeschooling Moms

Every homeschooling mom should know that Copy Max (or Staples) can do two things particular things to make your job easier.

First, they can bind your old books. 

We love this Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature and we’ve had it for years and years, but the binding was wearing out and pages were falling out.

We took it to Copy Max and for a little more than $4, they put on a spiral binding and clear covers.

It’s like new!

I love spiral bound books anyway because they stay open, lay flat, and you can keep them open to the page you were on last instead of using book marks, etc.

And it’s probably always cheaper to get a book like this rebound than to buy a new one.


The second thing Copy Max can do for you is take the binding off your workbooks.

This will create a stack of crisp worksheets, ready to use.


I love Kumon workbooks, but they don’t come with perforated pages and that makes it difficult to tear the pages out of the books neatly without leaving behind too much of the page.

So I asked Copy Max to take the bindings off.  They charged me a little more than a dollar for each workbook.  To me, that’s worth it.

I keep my stack of worksheets neat and tidy with some adorable paper binders my sister bought me. (Thanks, Loretta.)  And I just put these stacks on the shelf with the other books and things I am using for Kindergarten.


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