Fridge Facts for Classical Conversations- No More


Fridge Facts… Where did they go??!

These were a very popular file that parents could download from Classical Conversations to help review memory work.

But the files have been removed from their website since the images on them were not paid for and therefore, break copy write laws.

Here is the explanation I found on the CC forum.

“The Foundations PM team is extremely sorry that we had to delete the Fridge Facts from the File Sharing.  The are beautiful and very well done.  However, CC had to pay fees to use the pictures that are on the front of the Timeline cards.  It breaks Copyright laws to reproduce the pictures of the Timeline.  Because you all own the Foundations Guide, you can re-print the information from that guide here, and that includes the titles for the Timeline.  But the pictures can not be reproduced unless you copy them for your own family and keep them there.  This is very difficult because we know how much you ladies love to make life easier for each other.  Please do not re-produce and post any pictures of the front or back of the  CC Acts and Facts Timeline here, or on Pintrest, or Facebook.  We make every effort to respect copyright laws and we appreciate you joining with us in this endeavor.  The memory work that is copyrighted in the Foundations Guide should not be copied or reproduced in other venues where it can be copied and used  by people who do not own the Foundations Guide.  Again, THANK YOU for understanding this issue!   Blessings, PM Team”


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