Three Things Every CC Mom Needs

If you go to Classical Conversations every week like our family does, these three things will make your life better.

IMG_7763#1. Inch Bug labels and bag tags.  They have a lot of different types to chose from, but I get

  • the stickers with each of my kid’s names. I put them on their sippy cups, maps, charts, etc.
  • the non-adhesive bag tags for their book and snack bags
  • the tag pal clothing labels for our coats, etc.


#2.  A magnetic eraser for your white board- so it won’t get lost (as often).


#3.  Empty plastic pocket folders-

In my experience, you can never have enough of these around the house. I use them almost every week for my child’s presentation materials.

I limited this list to three items, though I could easily keep going.

Every CC mom could probably also use

  • a good thermos for coffee.
  • a nice tote bag
  • a housekeeper
  • colored printer/ copier
  • more bookshelves

the list could go on forever, really.

But I chose three simple things that I find myself thankful for most often.


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