Joan of Arc Costume


Behold! The wonder we hath wrought with one ancient garment bag, lowly duct tape, and supreme patience! Joan of Arc!

Later this week, my oldest daughter is going to read her final paper on Joan of Arc to her Essentials group at Classical Conversations while she is in costume.

I found a yard of white felt yesterday, cut it, and Norah painted Joan’s standard on it- all by herself.  (I love having an older, more independent student.)

We worked together to staple it to a hiking stick we’ve had and then we fashioned Joan’s armor out of a garment bag and duct tape today.  (See photo above.)

Tomorrow we will put the finishing touches like the works sited page on Norah’s essay and then print it.

Perhaps I’ll share Norah’s essay on the blog later this week, particularly so that our family can read it.

I’m very proud of the work she’s done, the work we’ve all done, this year in Classical Conversations.  We’ve definitely accomplished and learned more than I imagined possible.



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