For Christmas, we purchased our daughter a used telescope from Craigslist, the book Astronomy for Dummies (I love For Dummies books), and paid for a private astronomy class taught by a scientist who designs telescopes and satellites used in space, Turner Astronomy Classes. The class was recommended to us by a few families we know.   But, the class isn’t just for kids. Parents are required to come, too. I’ve gone once. My husband took our daughter last week and plans to go again this week. The lectures are very interesting.  On clear nights, the teacher will set up his powerful, digital telescope after class and the kids and parents will get to view some things we will never hope to see with our simple telescope at home.  But, we’ve used our telescope a few times at home already.  It has helped us to put what we are learning into practice and it brings the academic material to life. My daughter is very artistic and last week’s class must have covered the topic of nebulae.  She came home and drew this beautiful picture from memory using chalk.  I was hoping the class would inspire at least some wonder over the beauty of the universe.  It think it already has!

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