Pen Pals for Homeschoolers


So how would I go about getting my daughter a pen pal?

I used to ask myself this question.

Then a dear lady on Facebook asked me if I would let my daughter be pen pals with her daughter.

I said “Yes!”

I couldn’t have hand picked a better pen pal!

Now you might not have had a Facebook friend approach you about letting your kids write hers, but that’s okay.

Why don’t you think about the people on your friends’ list?

Is there a family you enjoy following on Facebook,

who has kids close to the same ages as yours,

who lives far away,

who you think you could be good friends with if they only lived closer?

Why not approach that mom about having their child be pen pals with your kid?

That mom may be wondering how to go about getting her kid a pen pal, just like I was.

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