Weekly Prep for Essentials


I couldn’t sleep, so I got up early, made coffee, and decided to look over the lessons for this week and last week in my Essentials guide.

I knew I needed to really dig in to our Essentials work this week because we missed Classical Conversations last week because we were out of town on vacation.

(I never want to miss a week of CC again! I knew we were learning a lot each week, but now that’s really apparent after missing only one week and feeling the need to play catch up. We felt a little confused yesterday after missing only one week of material.)

Well, looking over our materials in a quiet environment like this was one of the nicest things I could have done for myself.  It gave me opportunity to ask and answer some of my own questions about the material before I was faced with my daughter’s questions. Trying to really master material while you’re in the middle of teaching it is stressful, if not impossible.  I know this study time is going to make such a difference in how effectively I teach my daughter this coming week.

I was surprised at how much I learned today and I was reminded of how much we have yet to learn in Essentials. It confirmed again in my mind why we are doing CC.  Essentials is so challenging and thorough! So many charts! And even though I am overwhelmed at the thought of all that’s left to learn, I am truly excited about what we are going to understand and be capable of if we stick to this program.

So after this morning, I’m making a promise to myself to get up every morning the day after we go to CC and look over my Essentials guide before I diagram even one sentence with my daughter.

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