Make Your Own Story Book CD Sets

I loved to listen to books on tape when I was a kid.  But I’ve found it difficult to find story book CD sets for the books that my kids and I really like. But has the audio to many of our favorite books, so it’s been easy enough to just make my own story book CD sets, using the books we have on our shelves. Here’s how.


Using my membership, I purchase and download the audio for some of our favorite children’s books that we already own.

Note: If the audio for a book is expensive, I will use the points I have in my audible account to purchase it.  But if the audio for a book is cheap, and most children’s books are, I just pay for it and save my audible points for more expensive books.

Then using i-tunes, I burn the audio for each book onto a CD and label each CD with Sharpie.

Then using heavy duty tape, I attach a CD holder to the inside, back cover of each book.


I also put an orange label on the binding so that my daughters will know which books have CDs in them. All the orange labels go on the bottom shelf.


I keep the CD player in the corner on the floor next to the bottom shelf and I’ve taught my kids how to handle the CDs themselves.  I’ve also trained the baby to leave the books and the CD player alone.  If my kids didn’t put the CDs back after each use or if the baby didn’t listen and stay away, I would probably consider keeping these books and the CD player out of reach and supervise their use of these books and the CD player so things didn’t get scratched or broken.  My kids aren’t perfect at this, mind you, but they are doing a decent good job of handling the CDs and CD player, so I have been able to just let them enjoy the audio books at their leisure.

This audio book collection has been great for my four year old daughter, in particular, who is still learning to read and who needs some productive things to do while I am doing school work with her older sister.


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