Teaching Through Math-You-See’s Primer With My Four Year Old

This is my second time taking a four-year-old through Math-U-See’s Primer. Both of my four- year-old children have needed extra practice writing the numerals 0-9. So I put away the textbook and simply have them practice forming the numerals 0,1,2,3… over and over until it becomes almost second nature for them. At that point, we start moving through the Primer again.  But both of my kids hit a wall when we got to the lessons on place value.  So, at that point, I put away the Primer again and take out our abacus. I make sure my kids are able to count to 100 and understand place value up to units and tens before we move forward.  My second daughter has learned to count to 100 and she is beginning to understand place value up to units and tens, that 40 is 4 tens and 0 ones, etc.  So soon, we should be able to get back to work in the Primer.  Here’s a peek at her math practice using the abacus today.


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