Minimuseum from Mudpies to Magnets

We created a mini museum with some of items in our nature collection today.  As simple as this looks, it took quite a bit of time and diligent effort to confirm the exact names of the items so we could be certain enough about them to make their labels. I think this mini museum might become a permanent fixture in our house.  It would be easy enough to swap out these items with new and different ones as the months go by.  And it’s nice to bring some items in our nature collection out of shoe boxes where we can see them more readily and appreciate them more often.  Note: Once the baby is toddling around and pulling up, we may have to put this collection in the middle of the dining room table or someplace even higher until she can be trusted not to destroy it. But for now and at least another month or two, our mini museum has a happy home on our coffee table.

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