Color My Petals from Mudpies to Magnets

We took a walk in our neighborhood to get some exercise, enjoy the perfect weather and to see (and hear) the spectacular, autumn leaves everywhere.

Here’s the view out over Waterbury from one side of our neighborhood, East Mountain.  Glorious! The wind sweeps through this spot and when you are standing here and it blows, you can’t help but close your eyes and smile (and think of this song.)


There’s a hillside where several grasses and wildflowers (weeds) grow. The girls collected some of the last of the Queen Anne’s Lace and put it behind their ears till we got home.

Once inside and settled, we found a science experiment in Mudpies to Magnets called “Color My Petals.”  We added several drops of food coloring to water in a vase and we’re going to let the flowers drink it up (and change color) to illustrate how flowers drink water from the ground outside.

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