Our Progress in Writing with Ease

Out of all the exercises in Writing with Ease, narration pages are the most difficult.  Spelling doesn’t just come naturally to my daughter, so she needs help on almost every word.  It’s quite tedious for both of us to labor through every letter of every word in every sentence that she comes up with to answer the question at the top of the narration pages, “What’s one thing you remember about the passage?” I am often tempted to just write the sentence for her on a sticky note and then let her copy it. But that would make it copy work, not narration. So I try and take a deep breath and slow down. That allows my daughter to relax and take her time and glean everything she needs to from these exercises. I take for granted how difficult it is for little ones to put the words in their heads down onto a paper because I’ve been doing it for decades. But it’s tough!

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