Strawberry Picking

I took the girls strawberry picking.

Did you know they’re called strawberries because of the straw that is traditionally used to mulch the plants?  I think I read that in one of my gardening books.


We picked eight pounds of berries in less than half an hour, easy.

We came home, washed the fruit and feasted on the fresh berries.

Over the next few days, we made freezer jam and shared it with neighbors and friends.

Then we had some of the berries for breakfast, sliced and spread over a bowl over plain yogurt with honey and granola.

So good.

Next day we melted chocolate in the double boiler, dipped the berries and made chocolate covered strawberries.

And as the last of the berries began to get over-ripe, I sliced them, covered them in sugar and we had them over homemade shortcakes.

What a treat!

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