Moving From Alpha to Beta

Norah has completed her Math U See Alpha book and will now go on to Beta.

The girls posed for the picture with Norah’s certificate of completion. Norah called it a “diploma.”

These are photos of the last tests Norah took. The first test was to show that she has mastered subtraction. Subtraction was taught in the second half of the book.

The next test was to show that she remembered all her addition from the first half of the book and could do subtraction, too.

Note: I circled all the subtraction problems so Norah could to do all the subtraction problems first and then go back and do the addition problems that weren’t circled. She had had very little practice switching back and forth between addition and subtraction on the worksheets and tests before this final test so I thought it was unfair to expect her to be in the habit of checking the symbols before she started every problem.

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