Norah Gets an Allowance

We’re depending on our oldest daughter more and more these days. “Norah, can you go get some paper towels from the storage room?” “Can you help your sister put her coat on?” She’s so capable and helpful and has the most easy going spirit about dropping what she’s doing to help us anytime we call on her. Of course, she complains sometimes. (So does her mom sometimes.) But even as she complains, she’s usually on her way toward the chore we’ve asked her to do to do it anyway. (So am I, usually.) And she always apologies sincerely when we correct her for her attitude. She acknowledges that she’s not right in her heart when she isn’t helpful toward her loved ones.

Up to now, it felt natural and good for us to expect her help without compensation since she was a serving as a part of the family, since we all work together, her dad always helping, too, since she was so young she didn’t even understand money anyway and since we were doing right by her in training her to take care of herself, her possessions and understand more about what it takes to live a well ordered life in a well ordered home, etc. Even after we started asking her to help her little sister more and more over the past months, we felt that we were teaching her to consider the needs of others, not just sitting around when someone she loves could use her help with something like their coat or bag, etc. In short, we just expected her to help because it was “right.”

But, at this point, she’s so constantly called upon to help with little stuff she would have never had to help with because both her parents are busy with baby preparations and I am so much less capable of getting up and down and bending over because I am so pregnant, that Dwayne and I looked at each other at the exact same moment a few days ago and agreed that Norah should begin to be compensated for all she does. And we were both eager to reward her for the helpful spirit she has. She is truly a such blessing to us right now. I actually pray that God will notice her heart and service and bless her in His own unique way.


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